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Southland, a leader manufacturer in Canada, earned recognition for its original products. Southland now offers teak and mahogany on its pontoons, a first in the industry. Southland furnishings made of teak or mahogany include tables, handrails, footboards and the deck.

Southland’s Signature

The designers at Southland are always looking for something new to make their product stand out from the rest and further elevate Signature Southland. This time, they have chosen to offer teak and mahogany on their pontoons. We are talking about authentic wood fibre, not a cheap imitation of. For this reason, they called on the co-operation and expertise of a company which, for the last 10 years, has specialized in manufacturing and installing furniture and decks made of teak and mahogany, including for the boating industry.

Top of the line

Through the years, the pontoon industry has continuously added equipment and refined its products. Pontoons now offer a level of comfort and luxury matched only by their convenience. The time had come to design these crafts with materials that increase their value significantly. Teak and mahogany are luxurious and attractive. They are also easy to recycle. In addition to being dignified and welcoming, they age beautifully and are easy to maintain. Finally, teak and mahogany are very comfortable. Walking on a teak deck, and feeling its warmth is practically therapeutic.


Longevity is a good indicator of the quality of a product. Tables and decks made of teak or mahogany offered by Southland have almost unlimited longevity. The rubber fasteners holding each slat making up the deck are heat and water resistant. Developing this fastening material required years of research to make sure temperature fluctuations and water contact would alter neither its properties nor its appearance.

Southland is proud to have contributed this advancement in water sports and opened possibilities for even more development.

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