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Most Advanced Luxury Pontoon Boats


A third tube definitely improves the performance of a pontoon boat. This option permits the installation of an ydraulic steering system and the tube performance kit. Let’s look at these performance details more closely.

Better performance

Because a pontoon equipped with the third tube floats higher, it glides above the waves instead of crossing them, eliminating friction. This also allows to increase swiftness while not requiring more horsepower than a pontoon boat equipped with 2 tubes.

Exceptional manoeuvrability

A three-tube pontoon, equipped with the hydraulic steering system, is much easier to drive when turning and docking. With the middle toon WPT(Wide Performance Tube,) the bends are exceptional. Its “V” and flattened bottom shape, 36’’ (91 cm) wide x 28” (71 cm) deep, allows to race at high speed even in waves.

Better stability

The optional 34-gallon fuel tank built into the central 3rd tube increases the balance and cruising range of the pontoon. This eliminates the need for the tank under the sundeck, making room for even more storage.

Smoother ride

A third tube improves pontoon stability. Since the third tube increases contact with water at the center of the craft, the wave’s pitch and surge effect is practically eliminated.

Fuel economy

Not only does the third tube improve performance, but better fuel economy is also achieved since less friction equals less work for the engine. In addition, the underside of the three-tube pontoon boat is entirely covered with aluminium, thus hiding the crossmembers. This eliminates another significant source of friction, further promoting fuel economy.

More capacity

A pontoon boat equipped with three toons greatly increases the load and power capacities.

SPS an exclusive Southland Boat innovation.

The SPS or Southland Performance Stem is a highly rigid aluminum part welded to the bow of the boat. Its purpose is to slice through waves easily while cruising in medium or high speed.

A proverbial wave-deflector, the SPS pushes the spray away from the sides of the boat. The result is that the ride is smoother so that your passengers stay dry and feel more secure, even in rough waters.

Contrary to the front of a classical pontoon boat, which pushes against the wave, the sturdy structure of the SPS and its tried and true design will allow you to cut through water with greater ease. Thus, you’ll increase your speed while still providing a good experience for your passengers.

SPS is ideal for navigating seaways, large lakes, oceans and other bodies of water frequently used during the summer. You can even have fun cutting through the wakes of larger boats – just a suggestion for those of you who like to mix it up…

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