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Most Advanced Luxury Pontoon Boats

Fishing from a pontoon boat

Nothing beats going fishing on a pontoon boat. In fact, with its large flat floor it makes fishing trips so much more enjoyable in many ways. You can invite more friends to join in or include the whole family.

In a fishing boat there is this constant worry that children may fall overboard when standing up or moving about. On a pontoon boat children can hop about and even run around.. As for the fishermen, they can cook their freshly caught fish on the barbecue right away. And why not catch up on your tan, or have a snooze on the floor’s springy carpeting or on the wide upholstered benche.

The cost weight of a pontoon boat, with all its exclusive features, are not higher than those of an aluminum fishing boat with the same equipment and of the same length. Southland has designed an exclusive fishing model which can be customized to meet specific requirements. This fishing model can be built with or without fishing seats on the front deck. It is also as easy to haul a pontoon boat to a lake or river as it is to haul most fishing boats of the same size.

In short, your fishing trips will never be as enjoyable and your rides as exciting as in a pontoon boat.

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