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Commercial Pontoons

Technical information on the Commercial Pontoon Boat

The platform of the commercial pontoon boat enables the user to install almost any kind of equipment that we find on other types of boats. That it be a winch, a crane, some inspection equipment, some cleaning or repair gear, etc., the commercial pontoon boat can handle these additions.

Qualities of our Commercial Pontoon Boats

Southland has built a solid quality reputation for its personal use pontoon boats by choosing the best material available, in subscribing to the most severe standards of nautical construction and by offering the best after sale service.

Southland’s commercial pontoon boat could not bypass these criterions of excellence. The best of nautical architects and specialists are at hand when Southland builds a commercial pontoon boat. In the case of the certified passenger commercial pontoon boat, Southland works in cooperation with the intervening party of the Marine Division of Transport Canada. Southland also respects the market’s security norms of Lloyds.

That it be for the thickness of the aluminium tubes or the floor, the tubes diameter, the height of the hand rails, their anodizing or their thickness, for the quality of the electrical wiring or the benches, every item is reviewed to make sure they answer to the best norms of conformity.

Some of our commercial Pontoon Boats

Southland is proud to emphasize some of its realisations regarding commercial pontoon boats:

  • 3 pontoon boats for tourism purpose, 45 passengers, at Cité de l’Energie, Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada
  • Commercial pontoon boat for excursion, 50 passengers, in Kolkheti National Park, Georgie ,East Europe
  • Handicaps adapted pontoon boat , Mackay Center , Ontario, Canada
  • Commercial pontoon boat for work, inspection of viaduct pillars, Alcan company, Quebec, Canada
  • Commercial pontoon boat for excursions, Marina Rock Port, Ontario, Canada

How about a tour? Why not an aluminium commercial pontoon boat.

What about cleaning the banks of a river? Yes, a commercial pontoon boat.

How to transport heavy charges from one shore to the other?
Again, a commercial pontoon boat.

What about commercial fishing? The answer, a commercial pontoon boat. In fact, the commercial pontoon boat is the most versatile boat of all.

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