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Southland “Surfs” all over the planet

Southland Pontoon Coats can be found everywhere on the planet.

Sailing in the Persian Gulf from Dubai or Abu Dhabi, navigating on the Round Canal near Amsterdam, crossing the Lagos Lagoon in Nigeria or the Serpentine River in Australia – these are just some of the adventures and exotic locations that Southland pontoon boats have made possible.

It’s been almost seven years since Southland started exporting its products, and now their pontoon boats can be found in fifteen different countries, either through individual purchases or through distributors.

Southland first started exporting to Australia. Then their exports spread to Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, and even to the United Arab Emirates.

The discovery of the Pontoon Boat

The pontoon boat has been part of the North American nautical scene for seventy years, but it hadn’t been popularized in the rest of the world until ten years ago, when Southland began to do something about the fact that pontoon boats really hadn’t caught on beyond North America. A lot of education and consciousness-raising needed to be done in order for this vehicle to be accepted abroad.

Everyone is familiar with row boats or fibreglass boats with V berths. But this aluminum platform with tubes is totally different. Most people when they see it say, “That’s not a real boat!” And yet it’s a boat that’s worth exploring. It can be compared to a catamaran or trimaran, depending on the number of tubes under the floor.

The convenience of a Pontoon Boat

All you have to do is climb aboard a pontoon boat to fall in love with it. User-friendliness, lots of storage, stability even while in movement, multi-functions- spacious  – so many benefits which can be of interest to a nautical enthusiast who is looking for a change of scenery, some excitement, or sheer relaxation. The pontoon boat offers all of these possibilities at once.

The change of scenery starts with the pontoon boat itself. This unusual-looking platform on tubes looks nothing like a traditional boat, but what buoyancy! You don’t have to be an expert seaman to drive the boat or be a contortionist to get aboard. It’s basically a floor on water and it’s as easy to step on to as can be.

As for the excitement, think water-skiing, wakeboarding, or tubing behind the boat. Fasten your seat belts! This boat can be as exhilarating as a cruiser. We’ve seen maniacs go at speeds of 50 km/hr on these engines.

As for relaxation… What a pleasure to be rocked by the lapping waves, gliding on smooth water at the end of a beautiful day. Nothing compares to drifting along the shore while snooping at cute houses and cottages along the way while sipping on a glass of wine and chatting with friends. Your “platform-on-water” offers it all and more….Yes it’s so stable that if you’re up to it, you can dance the night away!

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