Quality First
Most Advanced Luxury Pontoon Boats
Since 1992, Southland strives on its tradition of excellence. Security, sturdiness and durability are our motto. In our Research & Development we integrate avant-garde components with practicality and concern for the minutest detail. Yet we package our pontoon boats in distinctive elegance.

Tube chambers

Each tube is divided into chambers. A chamber should not measure more than five feet (1.5meter). At SOUTHLAND our tubes have four to six sealed air chambers. Most manufacturers divide their tube in two chambers(only one separator wall),each chamber being as long as ten feet (three meters) . If punctured, half of the tube fills up with water.


The chambers are isolated from each other by a separator wall. Each wall adds solidity and security to the tube. SOUTHLAND uses H32 and H36 grade, both being of the same thickness but of a different process. Our aluminium is 5052 sea salt water alloy, .081 (2.06mm) thick.

Performance 3 Package

A third tube combined with sheets of aluminium covering the under deck creates a running surface. The wave’s pitch and surge effect is practically eliminated.

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Deck structure

The deck is made of 3/4’’ (19 mm) Douglas, 7-ply, pressure treated (.40 CCA), marine grade plywood. SOUTHLAND has a lifetime warranty against rotting on its deck. We extend this warranty against warping as well because the deck is screwed to the cross members every 8’’ (203 mm).

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Marine grade carpet quality is 28 oz (840 g) on deluxe models and 20oz (600g) on other models.
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The gates are mounted on 11/4” anodized tubes, which comes with a lifetime warranty. Please note that many suppliers use painted tube. Those come usually with a one to three year warranty as they tend to crack and peel.

Wall Railing

The aluminum is inserted and cushioned horizontally as well as vertically. This process improves its durability and reduces vibrations.

Furthermore, all of our front curved railing are reinforced with rays of foam. Once the bench mounted these foam rays work as shock absorbers.

Full Camper Top

Our tops are made of « Top Gun » canvas. Our full camper tops cover the entire deck, including the foredeck, thus preventing water infiltration under the door.

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Consoles c/w services

The console on the Champagne series and the Majesty  is equipped with a service area which includes a counter, a sink, an ice box, a garbage can and a glove compartment.

Consoles (dash panel view)

The console on the Champagne series and the Majesty offers a luxurious tilt steering wheel, full gauges (5), a Radio/CD Clarion, 200 watts c/w MP3. There is also an Ipod connection.

Inflatable Bed

This inflatable bed can be inflated and deflated in five minutes. It fits perfectly with our benches. We offer two lengths: 60″(152cm) or 40″ (102cm). The width is 44″ (112cm) and the height is 18″ (46cm).


The quality of the foam is measured in terms of density and compression. At Southland, the foam used in our furniture is between 1.50 and 1.35 lb/ft³ ( 24 and 21kg/m³)and the compression is 45 to 60lb/50’’² (20 to 27kg/.032m²). The quality of the vinyl is measured in terms of oz. The vinyl used in the manufacturing of the furniture is 32oz (960gr) at Southland.

Motor Mount

Aluminium high performance motor mount is engineered for efficiency. It will support the largest of the heavy four strokes.
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Made of baked laminate. It gives our tables a stunning look and makes them moisture proof.

Storage Space

To leave on pontoon boat is like to go for a picnic . The food and goods are numerous. They ask many space room to keep the deck clean and convenient for the circulation.

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