Full Camper Top
Most Advanced Luxury Pontoon Boats

For a long lasting top that keeps you dry, find out what it is made of and how much of the deck the camper top covers.

The top should be made of “Top Gun” canvas, one of the best on the market, and come with a limited 5-year warranty against excessive fading. Experienced pontoon users know the importance of the following:

The camper top must cover the entire deck, including the foredeck. This top design prevents rain or splashes from coming in under the gate, thus soaking your carpet. If the camper top fastens to the front handrail, your foredeck is exposed. Think of what your carpet will be like after two or three days of rain. If someone offers you a splashguard, how you feel about putting it on and taking if off repeatedly? And what if you need to put it on as you’re cruising ? Also consider this: If your camper top is on, but stops at the front handrail, you’re loosing precious storage space.

Check how high is your full camper top. The clearance is an important issue when tall people circulate. How uncomfortable it is to have to lower the head when walking under the top. At Southland, the clearance of our top is 7’ (2,1m).

The bimini tops on Southland’s deluxe models are 7’ (2.1m) from the deck, providing taller passengers generous clearance for added comfort. Passengers enjoy the rear bimini that covers 9’ (2.6m) of deck surface.