Deck Structure
Most Advanced Luxury Pontoon Boats

As for sturdiness and durability, look up the following specifications:

Pontoon decks are made of ¾” (19 mm) treated marine grade plywood. Is it screwed or bolted to the frame? If it is bolted, check what the warranty covers. It should cover rot and insect damage.

However, make sure it also covers warping . If you are told that it does, ask for it in writing since very few manufacturers cover these. Why ? Because they usually fasten the plywood with only 6 bolts per 4’ x 8’ panel (1,22 m x 2,44 m). . Here is where the problem lies: the plywood sold on the market always contains a bit of humidity. As it dries over the years, it will warp if insufficiently fastened to the frame. As for delamination, this takes place over time as water seeps into the holes made to insert the bolt.

Southland’s decks are screwed onto Z-shaped cross members every 8 inches (203 mm). Which means 46 fasterners per panel. We believe that this provides an optimum quality.