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High Quality Ponton Boats Quality Pontoon Boats Our commitment in quality is resting on : Reliability of components, fabrics, subcontractors, deliveries delay and service during and after the sale. Checking from the beginning construction process to the end based on canadian insurance quality standards. Flexibility with a huge range of boats, dimensions, colors and especially […]

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"In the spring of 2009 we made one of the best decisions we have ever made as a family! We purchased a 21 foot Southland Pontoon Boat from McLean Sports in Fredericton, N.B.!

After some exhaustive research into which pontoon boats offered the best features, reliability and warranties, it was plain to see the Southland Pontoon boat was for our family. Our Southland is extremely well crafted, with luxurious seating, quality 5-chamber pontoons and is a real pleasure to haul..."

Dave Morell